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Would you wish to read your partner’s WhatsApp chats by spying on them? Then you’ve come to the correct spot. By the conclusion of this post, you’ll know how to hack into a WhatsApp account in the simplest method possible.

Hacking WhatsApp Messages

Hello, my name is Frankie Caruso, and I’m a technological specialist who is particularly interested in hacking tactics. In three years, my espionage instructions on my site have helped more than 10,000 individuals learn the truth.

I understand how you feel.

You’re itching to know what someone else is talking about in their WhatsApp discussions, and it’s almost always about your significant other.

Is it possible that your spouse or wife is having an affair? You’re well on your way to finding it out.

You might just be an anxious parent, in which case I recommend reading the guide to monitoring your child’s mobile phone, where you can learn about the finest parental control apps.

Perhaps you discovered images of a man/woman who is not you on your partner’s phone and want to know who he is.

But let’s return to the topic of espionage and 007 for a moment.

Is it feasible to monitor WhatsApp messages?

I’m not trying to make you nervous; spying on WhatsApp is doable and simple; you just need to know how to do it correctly depending on your skillset.

Please allow me to explain.

In general, there are three techniques to spy on WhatsApp. The first takes extensive IT expertise, the second is simple to use and exploit through WhatsApp Web, and the third is a simple to use WhatsApp tracker that will set you back a few dollars.

To summarize, the following are the most effective methods for spying on WhatsApp chats on both Android and iPhone:

Hacking method for Mac Spoofing (Very Hard)
As an espionage tool, WhatsApp Web (Easy)
WhatsApp tracker by spy24 (Very Easy)

These techniques are the result of my efforts. I’ve spent over 5000 hours researching and trying techniques to spy on a WhatsApp account.

Let’s take a look at each one separately.

I should point you that eavesdropping on WhatsApp chats is against the law, and the objective of this essay was to demonstrate ways for educational reasons only. You are solely responsible for any illegal activities taken with this material.
Method 1: Using a Mac Spoofing Technique to Hack WhatsApp

Hacking WhatsApp with a Mac Spoofing


90 percent effectiveness
Difficulty: Extremely difficult
Good computer abilities are required, as well as access to the victim’s phone.

This is a widely used and free way of monitoring WhatsApp chats without the victim’s knowledge. When used properly, you can read every single communication on the victim’s phone, whether it’s Android or iOS.

There’s some horrible news now.

Despite its popularity, few individuals are able to achieve success with this strategy owing to the many factors. From my perspective, I can provide detailed instructions and be as explicit as possible.

Unfortunately, the outcome cannot be guaranteed.

Let’s take a look at how Mac Spoofing works first, and then watch the video on how to convince your spouse to hand up his or her phone.

What is the Purpose of Mac Spoofing?

Every mobile phone that connects to the internet (or any device in general) is given a unique ID by the manufacturer, which consists of a series of numbers and characters. This is referred to as a MAC (Media Access Control).

Each mobile phone has its own unique feature. If you have any concerns about this, you may see this video.

Creating a clone on your phone is a stealthy technique to snoop on WhatsApp, but you’ll need the victim phone’s MAC to get past the security walls.

As a result, the term “MAC Spoofing” was coined.

Without going into too much technical detail, after you’ve figured out the MAC address of the victim’s device, you mask your phone’s MAC address with the victim’s. After that, you’ll have to remove and reinstall WhatsApp.

Once you’ve done so, you’ll have a clone of the WhatsApp account you want to spy on on your phone, and you’ll get all of the victim’s messages and media.

Let’s see how we can put this into practice.
How to Spoof a Macintosh

Let’s look at the primary phases in putting this espionage into action. There are two items you must have close at hand:

Your cellular phone
The victim’s phone was confiscated (you need around two minutes).

The first step at this time is to get the MAC address of the spy victim and write it down.

This is the structure of the code you’re searching for: 06: B3: 92: F4: 34: AC

This MAC address may be obtained in one of two ways:
From the phone of Target

Take the phone from the target and follow these instructions:

Look for Wi-Fi under Settings – General – About on your iPhone.

From a PC or Mac Computer, go to Settings – About Device – Status and search for Wi-Fi MAC.

Only if both phones are linked to the same Wi-Fi network can you find the Media Access Control on a PC.

If they are, take these steps:

For connections on Windows, click on the computer icon (bottom right next to the date). Open the Network and Sharing Center by clicking on it. Change the adapter settings by going to Change Adapter Settings. Then, using your right mouse button, click on the symbol of the network card that you want to learn more about. Go to the Status page. Select Details. The MAC Address corresponds to the code located next to the Physical Address.

Go to System Preferences – Network – Advanced – Hardware on a Mac computer running OS X. The first piece of information in the window is the MAC address you’re searching for.

More information on how to retrieve a MAC address from a network may be found here.

Now you must do the following steps:

Uninstall WhatsApp from your phone.
Replace the MAC address of the person you want to spy on with your own. (Apps like WifiSpoof for iPhone and BusyBox for Android make this procedure easier.)
Reinstall WhatsApp on your phone, being sure to insert the victim’s phone number.
Request that the activation code be delivered through SMS, but keep in mind that this will be transmitted to the victim’s phone as well. If you don’t write down the code and remove the message, you’ll be detected.
Reset your phone’s original MAC Address.

You should receive all of the texts, images, and videos of the person you’re spying on if everything was done successfully.
Is there a limit to how this technology may be used?

One of the most significant disadvantages of Mac Spoofing is that you can no longer watch the targeted phone’s WhatsApp activity if it leaves the Wi-Fi radius where it is connected.

Because you can see communications before the target, you can make someone suspicious accidentally (or worse yet actually be caught.)



Messages are being tapped in real time.

It’s difficult to apply

Frankie-Caruso is a time-consuming Frankie-Caruso.

Frankie’s Opinion:

Mac Spoofing is a useful method for gaining access to someone’s WhatsApp account and messages, but it requires technical knowledge and patience. This is only recommended if you are a computer guru with plenty of time and patience.
Method 2: Use WhatsApp Web to pretend to be James Bond.

WhatsApp Web allows you to spy on other people’s conversations on WhatsApp.


60 percent effectiveness
Difficulty: Simple
For a few minutes, the victim’s phone is required.

WhatsApp just (as in July 2021) launched a feature that allows you to utilize it on different devices (some countries are testing in beta).

This functionality was created just for you to be able to utilize your WhatsApp account on several devices. This new feature allows up to four devices to be linked to a single account at the same time, without the need for these devices to be connected to the internet at all times.

Naturally, this new function gives you another more way to eavesdrop on someone’s WhatsApp account.

Right now, I can teach you how to accomplish it. Even if you don’t have any technical abilities, you’ll be able to understand how simple it is to do. You won’t need to download any software or do any difficult hacks.

Begin by taking the target’s phone for a limited period of time.
Go to WhatsApp and choose Settings.
Select Linked Devices, followed by Multi-Devices (beta)
Go to WhatsApp Web on your computer or phone.
Wait a few seconds after scanning the QR code with the target device. The information is all accessible on the new device in a matter of seconds.

That concludes our discussion.

With the Multi Devices function, you can spy on WhatsApp.

After that, you may use your PC or smartphone to see all incoming messages to the account in the same way.

Note: If you want to use your phone instead of a computer, choose the Desktop Website option instead of the mobile mode. To use this feature on your iOS device, go to web.whatsapp.com and hit the “aA” symbol in the upper left corner. Select Request Desktop Website from the drop-down menu. Request Desktop Site on Androids using Chrome by selecting the three dots in the corner while viewing the site.

But you weren’t expecting it to be flawless, were you?
Are there any drawbacks to this method?

Limit 1: All linked devices are immediately destroyed if the intended target does not access their WhatsApp account for 14 days.

Limit 2: Those with access to their account can see any linked devices to their account, therefore you might be detected and the victim disconnects you.

Limit 3: Because this new function is being rolled out gradually, it is not yet accessible in all countries. The current market for this includes Europe, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. But don’t give up! If your nation isn’t yet included in this group, you may still use WhatsApp Web to connect a target’s account. Unfortunately, if they remove the phone from a nearby region, this link will be broken.

Note: While you can see how simple it is to spy on someone these days, be cautious not to become a victim yourself. Keep your account and personal information safe. One guaranteed method is to never, or at least seldom, lend your phone to anyone without your direct supervision.


Free and quick

Simple to use

Messages are being tapped in real time.

It’s simple to be caught.

Connections are often lost.

Frankie’s Opinion:

WhatsApp’s Multi-Device feature, along with the Multi-Device feature, can be a formidable espionage tool that is both free and simple to use. Unfortunately, you are more likely to get caught if you use this strategy.
Method 3: Use spy24 to secretly spy on someone’s phone

With the spy24 program, you can spy on WhatsApp.


100 percent effectiveness
Difficulty: It’s a piece of cake.
Requires: A one-time small fee to use the software

You’ll need a professional spying program if you want to access someone’s WhatsApp chats remotely without their knowledge.

Let me explain this in more detail.

There are plenty of spying software options available, but only spy24 is the best for various reasons:

Effectiveness for the money

spy24 is a sophisticated tool that is nonetheless simple to use. Messages on all instant messaging networks, including WhatsApp, may be spied on.

Screenshot of spy24 WhatsApp

They are the most popular app in this category, with options for Android, iPhone, and Windows phones.

To put it frankly, there is no other software that comes close.

Without the target’s awareness, the program will enable you to monitor activities on their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

You’ll be able to examine everything that’s been sent and received on the device, as well as keep track of phone calls, text messages, voicemail, browser history, and multimedia anything sent or received.

This program also includes real-time map placement using the phone’s GPS, allowing you to see where they are at any given moment. Perhaps my advice on how to locate a mobile phone would be of interest to you.

spy24’s Dashboard

But it is the availability 24/7 assistance that I like the most about this organization.

Even if you have no prior experience with technology, the spy24 program is simple to download and install. However, if you have any problems, there is a support team ready 24 hours a day to assist you with any problem you are having.

With its professional design and everything that spy24 can accomplish, you’d think it would cost a small amount. While it does have a fee, it is little when compared to the services and data it gives.

spy24 works on both Android and iOS systems, and strangely, you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone to use it, and you don’t need to root your Android system to use it. In fact, the software just released Screenrecorder, a new surveillance system that can be installed on Android phones without rooting and on iPhones without jailbreaking.

spy24 may be used to hack WhatsApp.

Here are some of the things you’ll be able to keep track of with this spyware:

Telegram Telegram Viber Viber Viber Viber Viber Viber Viber Viber Viber Vi
Hangouts on Tinder
Messages on Instagram for iOS
SMS, MMS, Call Log and Phonebook Browsing History Email Photo and Video Installed Applications Facebook Messenger
Notifications of SIM Changes
Tracking using GPS

What Is spy24 and How Does It Work?

The first step in installing spy24 is obviously to buy and download the spy program so you may install it on your target.

It just takes a few minutes to set up, and you don’t need any technical knowledge. More information about installation may be found in this tutorial I wrote: spy24 – the Best Cell Phone Tracker App: A Step-by-Step Guide You’ll also discover a discount coupon inside (it’s a special present for followers of my site).

Note: If you have problems with the installation or don’t believe you’re competent, spy24 offers a premium service called mAssistance (about $35) where an operator will assist you through the process step-by-step over the phone.

You will be able to view any information on the target phone after you have downloaded the software, no matter how private it may be. You’ll be able to view their phone numbers from your computer as well.

This should be sufficient for you to eventually be able to enter into your spy24 dashboard and acquire all of the information you could possibly want.

Once installed, the malware may be accessed from any computer or mobile device (including iPhones and Android phones).

All you have to do now is go into your account and look at your dashboard to view the whole contents of the victim’s phone.

With the spy24 App, you can spy on your iPhone.

GO FOR A TEST DRIVE WITH spy24: Log into the FREE demo of spy24 to give it a spin: For more information, CLICK HERE.
Does spy24 Have Any Flaws?

To tell you the truth, I haven’t noticed much. The necessity for access to the device for a few minutes to install the software is maybe the largest disadvantage.

a discount of 25%

The Best Cell Phone Tracker App is spy24.
The Best Cell Phone Tracker App is spy24.

spy24 is a popular smartphone parental control program that lets parents monitor text messages, phone conversations, current GPS position, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and much more.


Effortless, quick, and simple to use

To monitor WhatsApp, you don’t need physical access to the victim’s phone (only for iPhone)

Messages tapping on any instant messaging applications

Incorporate GPS tracking.

Installation help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There’s no way you’re going to be caught.

You must pay a modest cost.

The usage of spy24 software is restricted to lawful purposes only. Spying on WhatsApp and other social media platforms may result in monetary and criminal fines. By installing monitoring software in any capacity, you may possibly be breaking local laws. Often, you must notify the device’s owner that you are installing a WhatsApp spy software or any other trackers.

Frankie’s Opinion:

This is the most secure approach to access not just WhatsApp but a full phone without being detected. It may be used by anybody, and it does not need any training or skill in order to evade discovery. To get the application, you simply need to spend a few dollars.

Is it possible to spy on someone on WhatsApp if all I have is their phone number?

This is not an option. With only a phone number, you can’t get into a discussion. If someone online claims to be a scammer, be cautious.

Is it possible to monitor a WhatsApp discussion without using a target device?

Yes, this is a viable option. On iOS devices, certain apps, such as spy24, may be installed remotely. You’ll need the iCloud information for the individual you’re investigating. If the system is Android, you’ll need their real phone.

🔵 Is it possible to spy on WhatsApp for free?

There are no trustworthy free applications that can do this. The majority of espionage software is inexpensive and freely accessible. If you want to learn more about spying applications, I’ve compiled a list of the top WhatsApp spy apps available in 2021. Take a look!

🔵 My WhatsApp account seems to be being spied on. What options do I have?

You’ll have to get rid of any malware on your phone. You’ll need to reset it to factory defaults before changing all of your passwords or pins.

Now that we’ve reached the conclusion of the tutorial, all I can do is hope that all of the information I’ve given has been useful. But before we depart, I’d want to double-check that you haven’t forgotten anything.

I’ve shown three of the most basic methods for monitoring someone’s WhatsApp account. These are the following:

Mac Spoofing is a hacking method that requires a high level of computer knowledge. The benefit is that it is free, but it does need access to the target phone.

This strategy should only be considered if you have a lot of free time and are already skilled at computer hacking.

WhatsApp Web — if you just have access to the victim’s phone for a few seconds, this is also a free alternative. This approach, however, should be used with caution since it is easily detectable.

This strategy is useful for getting a glimpse into a target’s WhatsApp discussions quickly.

spy24 is the most effective option on this list. It is not free (about $25 per month). If you have access to the iCloud, you can install spy24 software on an iPhone without ever having to touch the victim’s phone. If it’s an Android phone, you’ll need to get it in your hands right away. This program is absolutely undetectable, thus it does not appear in applications or on the home screen.

If you don’t know how to use a computer or fiddle with mobile devices, I would suggest this to someone who needs long-term access to WhatsApp discussions. I’ve written a tutorial on how to install spy24 in under three minutes.

That’s all there is to it; if you have any concerns or queries, please leave them in the comments. I will contact you as soon as I am able. Remember to tell me the phone type you want to spy on – Android or iPhone – so I can respond as accurately as possible.

Please return often as I will update this site with new strategies for spying on WhatsApp as they become available.

How to spy WhatsApp with mobile tracker free
How to spy WhatsApp with mobile tracker free


PS – Those with anything to conceal often utilize more than one mode of communication, such as WhatsApp. I recommend that you check into how to spy on Facebook accounts, as well as how to hack someone’s Instagram account and Snapchat account. This might be really important information for you.

PS II – Take a look at our approach to safeguarding your phone from snooping, since as you’ve seen, being a target isn’t difficult.

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